About Me

There has never been a more unpredictable period in my life than the first two months of 2019. That is not suggest I believe in “miraculous victories,” as placing faith that the white magic of hope will create all the good in the world classifies as classic naivete at best. We work for the goals we want to achieve, we work to achieve our dreams, and that’s something I’ve always believed. My biggest accomplishment as of yet is my intellectual journal, The Carta Enterprise, the main motivation in establishing this website. My entire life experience, expressed through thoughts on philosophy, politics, psychological insight, music, media, lifestyle and health choices, poetry, stories, as well as personal events, memories, and thoughts, are all encompassed in this medium that remains my sole domain.

Many people, especially among my family and friends, like to say that I’m smart. Except for the people who have tried to tear me down, they’ve often considered me “retarded” or “incompetent.” At best though I’ve always considered myself as being average in intelligence. I do believe that more insight needs to be brought to the world somehow, and that the idea of enlightening communities with peculiar insights has often been shunned, both in the past and in the present day. I have never adapted the illusion that I am some almighty immortal omnipotent enough to transform the entire world. We can only transform ourselves and hope that we are able or respected enough to transform or push for vital change in communities, whether they are prosperous or desperate for any help. It is important to think beyond yourself while understanding that only you can influence yourself and your social network, which has chosen to appreciate your efforts and personality.

I wrote my first entry for Carta on November 5, 2013, over five years ago as of this writing. As of present, I was able to complete ten journals and am in the process of writing a colossal eleventh. Each journal follows it’s own aesthetic and theme, adapting it’s own sense of purpose that unites each entry in that their topics, while vastly different, are united by a similar philosophy. Carta isn’t strictly a day-to-day diary, not a chronicle of daily activities, but each journal is still topical in that it captures then-current thoughtful concerns, perhaps reviewing books I have read or, alternatively, writing stories influenced by musical taste or anime at the given time period. The journal is an ongoing experience, the ability for me to introspect and experience my life more intensely in a world that chronically distracts you and discourages you from remembering whatever observations or insights you value the most as an individual. The power of the individual is almighty, the power of the individual with social mobility is even more almighty.

From the years 2013 to 2019, I was a college student living with my parents. I took several psychology and anthropology classes throughout different universities, but currently without a degree. As of yet, I have chosen to immerse into “the real world,” so that I could become “more real” and less helpless and dependent. The process will be arduous, but it will strengthen my character and hopefully provide me more credibility so that I do not fall in the pits of the “lofty hypocrite,” the philosopher who bemoans and laments of our human flaws without fully understanding or experiencing those flaws in themselves or in others. Becoming “more real” will attract one to more experiences, which is ultimately my current intent in life. Hopefully I can develop the courage to stick with this intent. There is so much I want to experience, so much I want to reach out for, and so much I am willing to think or write about. The journal allows for all of these possibilities to unfold, so that they can help unfold in the real world. The journal, as my fantasy world, and my personal life, as my real world, work in synchronicity, and I intend to make some career out of this journal someday when I more fully develop the means to do so. With supportive family and friends, I hope this can pan out more effectively.